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Share a deal, organization or contact in Slack

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Use Deals+ to share information from Pipedrive with channels or users in Slack

What to Know

  • The app must be added to the channel to use this feature
  • Deals, Organizations and Contacts can be shared
  • You can share with individuals or channels in Slack

Share a Deal, Contact, or Organization from a notification

  1. Click the View button
  2. Click the overflow menu in the upper right.
  1. Choose the option Share
  2. Choose the person or channel you want to share the deal with
    1. Optional: Add a note.
  3. Click the Submit button.

Share a Deal, Contact, or Organization from the home screen

  1. Click the Share button
  2. Type in a search term - you can search for Deals, Organizations, and Contacts
  3. Choose a channel or user to share the element with
  4. Optional: Add a note to add context.
  5. Click the Submit button to share.

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