Create Dedicated Deal Channel

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From within Pipedrive or Slack, a Slack channel can be linked to track a specific deal, providing bi-directional updates from and to Slack and Pipedrive.

What to Know:

  • This channel can be a shared or dedicated channel.

Linking a Slack Channel to a Deal from Pipedrive

  1. Navigate to the deal in Pipedrive
  2. On the deal landing page, find the Slack Discussion widget
  3. Click Connect to Slack
  4. Follow the modal prompts to create a channel or use an existing channel
  5. Click Save

Linking a Slack Channel to a Deal from Slack

  1. Navigate to the channel in Slack
  2. Add the Deals+ bot if it is not already in the channel
  3. Click Connect under the Deal Room prompt in the welcome message
  4. Follow the modal prompts to select a deal
  5. Click Save

The deal will be updated in real-time via bi-directional updates from Slack or Pipedrive.

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