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Add an activity from Slack

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Use Deals+ to add activities in Pipedrive.

What to Know

  • The app must be added to the channel to use this feature
  • You can add activities from a notification or from the home screen

Add activity from a notification

  1. Click the View button
  2. Click the overflow menu in the upper right.
  1. Choose the option Add Activity
  2. Populate the form with your next activity.
  3. Click the Submit button.

Add Activity from home screen

  1. Click the Add Activity button
  2. Populate the form with information on your activity
  3. Click Submit to save the activity.

View and complete activities on home screen

  1. Choose a list from the available options in the dropdown - default is Overdue Activities
  2. Click the Complete button to mark an activity as completed.
  3. Optional: Add a new activity to track next steps.

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